Women in Mozambique with maize.

Women in Mozambique with maize. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Born and raised in Mozambique, my education comprises PhD in sociology from the University of Alberta; MA in sociology from the University of Calgary; Master of Theology with specialization in social and development ethics from the University of South Africa; and Bachelor of Systematic Theology from Nazarene University College. I have been interested in understanding the history and sociology of human emotions, groups relations and processes, nationalism and violence, social innovation and social entrepreneurship. I taught introductory sociology, sociology of gender, and sociology of crime and deviance at the Universities of Calgary, Alberta and Athabasca respectively.

After completing my PhD I worked for three years as a policy analyst on social innovation and immigration policy in the Government of Canada in Ottawa.  Currently, I am a senior lecturer of development studies at the University of Johannesburg, where I teach a large number of students who are preparing themselves to be agents of change in this vast continent. I started this blog for two reasons: to give tips to my students on a wide range of academic issues, and share with friends my reflections and impressions about being in southern Africa.


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    • Hey there sister Linda. Thanks a great deal for stopping by and for your vote of confidence. Sending you our typical tropical peace and love to warm you up this coming winter 🙂

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